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Ana Maria Martins da Costa Santos

Translator @ H. C. Andersen Instituttet

Ipanema, Brasil

Ana's Network


Translator na H. C. Andersen Instituttet

Parceiro oficial há 1 year, 6 months ..:.. Pesquisador



For the last few years I have been working on translating texts from Danish to Portuguese, particularly those from the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen for both our website and our Facebook. A new work has added to those already in progress; the translation of the text by the Danish writer Kaj Munk, "Ordet" – The word -. Kaj Munk left a huge work as far as his homilies are concerned because he was Priest of the Lutheran Church, such as plays, poems, travel books, and newspaper articles. He was a killed by Hitler's government for his anti-Nazi thoughts. He was a powerful voice against the Nazi occupation in Denmark. Since December 2011, I have been running the Hans Christian Andersen Institute with headquarter in Denmark and an office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.